Breathing Peace

I just returned from the place I go once a year for a solo personal retreat. Each time I go I experience a deeper spiritual awareness yet it also is a validation of how simple finding inner peace is.

As I hiked alone through desert terrain close to spacious mountains I knew I was in Divine Partnership with the planet. Each footstep I took increased my connection to my innermost self and to the precious land. Thoughts of every other being whose feet had touched the same land in the recent and very distant past empowered me to embrace all time…my own personal history as well as that of humanity.

This sweet, yet passionately emotional feeling came over me. I knew in the depths of my soul no matter how high spiritually I travel the secret for all who have passed through this world and for myself is this fact. Peace is attained when we each honestly accept ourselves for exactly who we are and who we have been in each precious moment. So simple! No need to analyze, to judge, or to search. Just living in between the inhale and exhale of each breathing moment is the answer.img_8578

There is nothing to fear, nothing to figure out. All we each need to do is just to BE…and let the magical life unfold as we witness the wonderment!

I thanked the desert for reminding me once again the truth has always been within my heart… not in my brain as my ego wants to believe! Nature always is waiting patiently to teach me more of the same lesson….just breathe in the moment. That is where the peace exists!

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