About Jennye

Since early childhood Jennye Johnson has been blessed with spiritual gifts of a connection with Mother Earth, the moon, the sun, stars, trees, waters, nature beings/elementals, and animals. In 1985 a turning point was crossed and the spiritual -intuitive gifts which Jennye believes were given by the Creator, seemed to incorporate every essence of her being.It is Jennye’s intention to offer assistance to those who cross her Path in finding the ability within to walk through challenges into Personal Transformation of love, peace, truth, and harmony.

The primary intention for this facilitative guide has been to empower others in the discovery of each person’s inner peace and gifts so that all can be the person he/she was created to be.
Honored to offer spiritual coaching,  and healing assistance utilizing shamanic- holistic healing modalities in person, via email, video conferencing, and telephone consultations, Jennye focuses on being of service to all seeking her services.
Her training and attunements of Reiki were received in Sedona, Arizona and in Glastonbury, England.Other teachers include Eckhart Tolle, Sandra Ingerman, Jonathan Goldman, Denise Linn, Don Miguel Ruiz Sr. and Jr., William Rand, and the Creator.
Jennye’s spiritual beliefs are rooted in teachings of Native American, metaphysical principles, and earth wisdom.