“Jennye is a natural intuitive.Both Jennye and her spirit guides also have a healthy sense of humor which can lend a lightness of spirit ,reminding us not to take ourselves too seriously. This can be quite helpful when we are feeling overwhelmed by life’s experiences. Her nonjudgemental approach puts one quickly at ease. She is a long time friend with a deep soul that has obviously been through many lifetime experiences. These lessons have brought her into the profound awareness of the value of THIS moment amidst all moments. I am grateful for her integrity, strength of character and guidance in my life.” –Patti K, Physical Therapist, Raleigh, NC

Jennye, herself, is always clear sighted and non-judgmental. What I find most amazing is her ability to practice healing work that is actually felt seven states away! I was skeptical concerning long distance healing work but I have trust in Jennye as a person and complete faith in her as a healer.–Jennifer, Special Education Teacher, Utah

Jennye is a gifted intuitive healer and psychic. She uses every experience life has given her as a pathway to connection to Spirit. Her willingness to uncover any obstacle to inner peace and her desire to be of service are combined in her heart and flow through her to others. It has been my privilege and good fortune to have been a recipient of her intuitive focus and my life is clearer and stronger, and I am more present and aware as a result.–Randi R., BA,RM, Transformational Healing, Brooksville, Florida

I first met Jennye in 2002. I was in the midst of a major life transition…and Jennye seemed to have the ability to guide me  spiritually on a very intuitive level. Through her finely tuned intuition many truths were revealed to me . She was an amazing catalyst to the opening of those truths and a wonderful teacher. Those combined with her vivid descriptions of the meditative process and sage smudging techniques, helped guide me back onto the path that I had left many years before. –Dawn Elizabeth, Astrologer, Maui, Hawaii

I had several Reiki sessions with Jennye. I had never experienced this form of energy work, but felt energy flowing much more freely . Our second Reiki session was just days before surgery and was done following a tuning fork healing session. I instantly felt my mind and body energy flowing more slowly and freely. –Kelly S.,Teacher, Seaside, California

I had been feeling poorly for quite some time and I am facing major surgery. I saw Jennye for a Reiki session and she found and released numerous blockages that I had and did not realize it. I have not had a single migraine seen our session. She is blessed with a healing touch and is a wonderful, caring person. I love her dearly! God Bless You! –Crystal L., Occupational Therapist, Candler, NC

I have been going through a lot of spiritual growth, which was stirring up many uncomfortable feelings within. I had the good fortune of working with Jennye, a very intuitive healer, who was aware just by being with me that I was out of balance. She brought out her tuning forks and within minutes I had a very palpable sense of calm ad relaxation that had not been there before. With the assistance of the insightful words from Jennye,during a card reading, I am paying attention to the signs and taking actions to ensure a positive outcome. Jennye is an insightful and gifted healer. –Catherine S., Occupational Therapist, Monterey, California