Choosing To Release All In The Name Of Personal Freedom

Having experienced in the past three months the deaths of both my elderly parents I was inspired to take a three week adventure to Scotland. This journey turned out to be the greatest transformation of my life! It did include mystical and magical experiences, but even greater than those was the inner transmutation of people and ideas that I previously had hung onto tightly! I have come to believe that an annual thorough house cleaning of my inner being and those I allow to remain in my life is crucial for me to continue on my pathway to personal freedom.

The outer isles of Scotland with her oceans and rivers provided the background for me to reach deeply into my soul’s prior journeys in order for my spirit to soar at its greatest elevations of change. It takes much courage to dive all the way to the bottom levels of one’s existence…to become willing to embrace completely the intentions and motivations of the past.

As I began recovering from feeling the pangs of loss of both my 94 year old parents leaving this earth a mere 27 days apart I simultaneously stepped into complete freedom of owning not only my true mission on this planet but also walked into the beginning stages of embracing my total personal power. This was the legacy my parents passed over to me , and I saw it clearly!

You may wonder how one gets to the place where willingness to release familiar faces and ideas can be not only faced but acted upon, especially at the same time of experiencing one of the greatest losses of a lifetime. Transformation has its price, but it also has its rewards.

As I was seeing outer situations of a leader of my country daily making accusations, exuding chaotic messages without taking into account or responsibility of his own personal errors; and, other well known powerful people’s once hidden transgressions being brought out from the dark shadows of secretive agendas and actions, I saw how necessary it was for me to journey into the depths of my shadow self , into hidden feelings of shame and guilt stemming from my youngest memories up to the present. Dearest reader, I will tell you I have done much inner work in my adulthood looking at my past with all its ramifications, but this deep housecleaning went into the cobwebs of the Hades of my awarenesses.

Being in a foreign land surrounded by extreme beauty with no familiar persons by my side I had no distractions and could dive deeply into the recesses and quicksand of my mental-emotional-spiritual consciousness. I knew I had to take complete responsibility for decisions, thoughts, and actions of my total life up to this point. And, take responsibility I did!

The Standing Stones of Callanish on the Isles of Lewis stood before me one day and I allowed , even through great surprise for an initiation of sort , to transcend me. I owned, embraced, and welcomed all parts of my being…the shadows, the light, the secrets I had even kept from myself…and arose into my freedom of transfiguration of the Seduction of My Soul!

In the midst of this life altering experience I walked away and released a person whom had served a role as an alternative teacher, a person who in the 12 years I had known her not once had acknowledged or recognized who I really was and had not once complimented me on the talents I was born with. Then another whom I had considered a friend since 2011 was revealed to me to be a mirror of all my shadows, and I released her from my circle of confidantes. Both of these people were greatly important to me at one time but in my transformation I saw how I had allowed them to treat me with the same disrespect I had been treating myself at times…times when I would dishonor, shame, and put myself down.

Being in gratitude for the awarenesses of people who were my great teachers, as I surrendered the need to have them in my life, I visually saw how I have come full circle from a scared child into a fully empowered Visionary Healing Facilitator dedicated to standing for the planet, for humanity, and for myself!

I am now free from all emotional, mental, spiritual anguish I ever carried. I am free to be present , compassionate, and joyous in this world as it is. I am free to give myself love and light equally as I offer it to others in a manner of equality instead of believing I needed to save anyone from their own pathway. No one needs saving. We each only need to love deeply , giving complete love to all aspects of ourselves and in turn sending that love out to all brothers and sisters…who are each part of us. May you find your own peace within as you muster your own courage to dive all the way into the depths of your beautiful souls.

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