Breathing Peace

I just returned from the place I go once a year for a solo personal retreat. Each time I go I experience a deeper spiritual awareness yet it also is a validation of how simple finding inner peace is.

As I hiked alone through desert terrain close to spacious mountains I knew I was in Divine Partnership with the planet. Each footstep I took increased my connection to my innermost self and to the precious land. Thoughts of every other being whose feet had touched the same land in the recent and very distant past empowered me to embrace all time…my own personal history as well as that of humanity.

This sweet, yet passionately emotional feeling came over me. I knew in the depths of my soul no matter how high spiritually I travel the secret for all who have passed through this world and for myself is this fact. Peace is attained when we each honestly accept ourselves for exactly who we are and who we have been in each precious moment. So simple! No need to analyze, to judge, or to search. Just living in between the inhale and exhale of each breathing moment is the answer.img_8578

There is nothing to fear, nothing to figure out. All we each need to do is just to BE…and let the magical life unfold as we witness the wonderment!

I thanked the desert for reminding me once again the truth has always been within my heart… not in my brain as my ego wants to believe! Nature always is waiting patiently to teach me more of the same lesson….just breathe in the moment. That is where the peace exists!

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Finding Harmony In Relationships

I have been aware for years that relationships offer me the greatest opportunity to grow, and that being said, offer at times the greatest challenges. Recently I have been repeating this mantra to my heart and to my brain. It goes like this: “ When I consciously allow the other person to be who he/she needs to be in the present moment, without my needing or trying to change them, manipulate, or control them to live life according to my agenda, I am loving that person unconditionally.”

I have been applying this idea to ALL relationships, romantic partners, relatives, friends, co-workers, even clients. Taken further, I can apply this to myself by loving and accepting who I am in the moment without judging or treating myself in an unloving way.

When I am loving myself and taking loving actions for and with myself, I am more open to receive and attract harmonic relationships in all areas of my life. However….What if we cannot love ourselves? Believe me, I have known the challenge of looking deeply at myself in a mirror, trying to love what was staring back! The hardest love I have had to experience is self love.

I began the journey of self love a long time ago. The truth, I unearthed, was not that it was some impossible task as much as my fears about it overrided every piece of me! My biggest fear was that I had never been…and could never be ENOUGH! I further discovered buried under this Fear Animal were layers of guilt, shame, and feelings of unworthiness! I carried deep in my unconsciousness false beliefs of why I was unlovable…especially to myself! All this monkey mind self talk came from messages of others (who also did not love themselves!) and I bought into them hook, line, and sinker…and sink I did into self loathing for many years. I kept trying to find love outside of myself—-alcohol, men, career, education, nicotine, being skinny…anything to fill that hole in my soul. Problem was all were just temporary fixes of instant gratification. I even tried “ good fixes” like yoga, gym workouts, hiking, etc. I was still searching outside of myself for an answer to an inside job!!

Finally I realized , through much gut wrenching pain, that all these attempts with all these negative thoughts I was making myself feel terrible about..were life long patterns..patterns I had no control over. These patterns were controlling me! It was only when I really saw and began to comprehend what my internal chattering was doing to me and how it had been created, that I became willing to do deep inner work…and began to want to receive JOY!

Once I began receiving, accepting, and experiencing joy, Lo and behold my relationships began to change! Those who had been my greatest teachers , the partners- friends- co workers, all who were reinforcing my fearful self loathing beliefs, began to fall apart, disappear and leave my life. The more I opened to receiving unconditional love in practicing more self love, the more new relationships showed up in every area of my life!

Still being a “human doing”, at times fears come up but now I know fears are only there to be embraced and transformed. They are only red flags to grab my attention and whisper “ psssst Are you loving yourself right now?

Finding harmony in relationship with myself, and with others is really simple….unless I choose to complicate it by forgetting the answer does not lie outside of myself, but lives within my own unique heart and spirit.

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A tree never forgets its roots anymore than I can forget the skin covering my body. Recently I visited my hometown, and made a surprising discovery. I was only there for two full days…to have my annual physical and to check out the burial markers of my parents who both left this world in 2017. I had not been back since their ashes had been placed together 15 months ago and wanted to view their burial markers.

Their resting place is beside a huge tree. Trees have forever been my solace, and this experience visiting the graveyard offered me the most astonishing peace of my life!

As I stood by the tree at dusk with an amazing sunset casting a beam of light onto the ground before me I smiled at the place where the ashes and memories of my parents, my grandfather, and my brother (who died in infancy before my birth) were located.

Just as the mighty oak had to grow beyond its initial roots, I began literally jumping with joy , realizing I, at 66 years old, have grown beyond my own roots. I have walked the pathway away from childhood sadness and confusing experiences into a life of joy and contentment. I laughed as I was jumping onto the cold December ground, remembering my pleasant childhood past laced with the challenges of my perceptions of emotional pain.

Aware that just as the oak was not just its roots, but also the branches, the acorns, the leaves, and the sacred space in which it stands, I was gifted in this cemetery the heart knowledge that I am not only the attachment to my family roots but a sacred conglomerate of my beliefs, my connections to friends/family/ my Creator,and my inner work that has blessed me as I embrace this place of being willing to receive joy!

I claimed my peace on this cold day in December surrounded by spirits of those watching me cry in joy. My Holiday wish is that you claim your own peace in whatever manner you are led as we co-create our present circumstances in our respective journey.

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I know many people who would never dream of leaving their home town, the home that holds all their belongings, or the place they have resided for a very long time.

As the holidays are approaching, my thoughts return to the home of my childhood, those life long memories with my family of origin. Those home connections will never disappear from my mind, but no longer do they define my true home .

I currently refer to home as my sanctuary , a cottage surrounded by acres of woods, wildlife, and a brook nestled in a rural area of Virginia.

For many emotional attachments of friends, familiar community, former places of education, spiritual organizations, art, or music related buildings define home.

My authentic home is located deep within my heart, the place I experience safety, security, peace of mind, and a harmonic welcoming of a genuine soul connection. Home is also being with that handful of people who truly recognize who I am without expectations or judgements.

When I and maybe each of us know within the sacred center of ourselves where and what home really is, we never have to mourn, desire, or search for this missing piece of our existence. Home is closer than our breath!

Welcome home, my friend! I congratulate all of us when we discover we never left home. It was within each of us all along! All we had to do was to embrace it in the present moment.

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The Energy of Relationships

Reality is stranger than what your mind has convinced you to believe. It is even stranger than what the majority of our population has bought into. The truth and fact of quantum physics is just this: EVERYTHING is energy and energy is everything!
If more people truly understood that everything is energy, and that all humans carry at all times an individual, unique vibrational code, by becoming aware of your own vibrations and assessing your codes, a whole new world would open to each of us. We could create an individually designed life program that would bring us each more peace of mind, more happiness, more kindness, more loving relationships and situations, and the collective vision for a better world would manifest quickly for all of us!
Through Quantum Physics ,Science shows us the Universe is composed of continuous flowing energy. Energy is everywhere–in human bodies, in plants, trees, and animals, in the homes we reside, in all things. Energy is never destroyed but the vibrational code with the energetic component of each thing can change from low to high or high to low vibrations.
In regards to human relationships we are magnets to the vibrational frequencies that resonate within ourselves. Like attracts like. Relationships we have with bosses, co-workers, romantic partners, friendships, neighborhoods, etc. are created based on our seemingly invisible vibrational codes. We only thought we were attracted in all relationships because of other reasons! When we attract a particular person or situation to us, it is in reality the energy attracting similar, familiar, and resonant vibrational energies. ! When a relationship in any form no longer energetically resonates within a person a terminating ending begins because the vibrational frequency that originally created the attraction has changed!! You might say or hear another say to you: “You have changed.” This is only partially true as it is the vibrational frequency that has changed from a lower vibration to a higher vibration or in the opposite direction.
Have you ever noticed you or another keep repeatedly attracting the same relationship /situation with a different face? We may think a person would be repelled and quickly run instead of entering any relationship of romance, job, friendship, social networking, religious organization, etc. with characteristics of chaotic, destructive patterns that resemble past experiences such as family of origin or prior situations (i.e. emotional abuse, codependency, physical or mental abuse, manipulative behaviors , addictions, or abandonment) . However, because our invisible vibrations are pinging out energy transmissions constantly we will attract the very same relationships we thought we had walked away from years ago. A good example of this is when a person states : My boss is just like my Mother ; My partner acts like my dysfunctional Uncle, etc.
Our vibrational energetic transmissions are really a conglomerate collection of conscious and unconscious beliefs, suppressed emotions and thoughts, and experienced memories of our past that in our present are a cobweb of negative bundled manifestations . Science has proven that many of us are living out of a repeated movie of automatic responses and reactions that we replay stemming from our subconscious mind because we are not operating in the here and now. Knowing this truth demonstrates why those who experienced living in emotional, mental, or other disempowering situations continue to unconsciously attract repeated abusive-destructive situations with familiar actors on the stage of life!
As gloomy as this sounds….WAIT…there is hope! We cannot destroy our past as if it never happened but we can change our vibrational energy frequencies . When we do raise our vibrational frequencies, we will begin attracting different experiences, different types of people, and empowering situations into our life. We will most likely also see old situations and relationships falling by the wayside not because we or they are doing anything wrong, but because the original energy between us is no longer resonating in the same way as it did when we entered the relationship!
How do we raise our vibrations? Here are some ideas:
-State daily aloud 5 things you are grateful for currently in your life. (If you cannot be grateful for what you now have, how can you be grateful for more?)
-Forgive yourself and others ( Remember you and they only acted out of the low energetic vibrations that were present at the time of the experienced creation of events)
– Change your diet to one of clean, nutritious foods and beverages. (What we put into our body either weighs us down or builds us up)
-Burn your energy in a healthy way (Walk, run, swim, do yoga, do Tai Chi or Chi Gong, workout at a gym regularly: Move that body!)
-Work with a Personal Energetic or Spiritual Coach who can help you re-program negative beliefs and self talk that has kept your low vibrations active and stuck for years.
-See a Reiki Master , Sound Healer, or other Alternative Practitioner . (Reiki and other modalities can help to break up low vibrational blocks and assist in raising your vibrational frequencies)

Doing our own inner healing work, purifying and changing subconscious relationship patterns directly and indirectly digested from people/situations/environments, cleansing and transforming layers of unexpressed and unfelt emotions from your auric energy field will empower you to transmit your authentic vibrational signals. As a result, your true energetic tribe will be able to connect and find you at long last. Once we begin choosing to consciously raise our vibrations we will stand together with others doing the same, and we will hold our vision for a peaceful, loving world.

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Co-Existing With Grief

I have had my share of losses in my lifetime…two romantic partners whom I walked beside as they left this world , all my uncles and aunts except one, all grandparents, both my parents, several devoted cats and dogs, friendships, jobs, homes, and the list is endless.

No one in my educational settings or in my family of origin taught me anything about how to cope with grieving losses or how to resolve any of them. I have , at times, gone to professional practitioners who helped me find workable techniques when I acknowledged specific losses. There are so many types of losses I never considered until I began extensive traveling. Making connections with strangers, lands I have not previously known, other cultures helped me to understand further about the losses most do not even begin to fathom!

In the past month I have listened as four people I knew intimately shared they were coping well with various losses as I observed they were only stuffing their feelings deep within only to begin acting out of their pain and unresolved grief at inappropriate moments. Each of these people , by the way, also as long as I have known them have demonstrated great efforts to be “in control” of their lives (and often the lives of others!).

Before you jump to the conclusion I am standing in judgment of these people, let me tell you I am fully aware no one can affect me by their actions unless it comes to teach me something about myself! I hold a belief that there is a Spiritual Mirror that exaggerates the actions of others so that I cannot miss it! When I am in Spiritual Alignment with the Divine, I can be grateful for the projections others show me, and take the opportunity of the lesson presented to my Sponge Within who wishes to learn and integrate as much as I can in this lifetime.

The Spiritual Mirror works like this: If someone exaggerates the wonderful qualities I love such as kindness, service to humanity, and compassion and I immediately feel a kindred connection with that person…it is because I have those same qualities within me. When a person demonstrates in a most exaggerated manner things I detest: the illusion of control, unresolved grief, anger, frustration, judgement, pointing the finger at my/other’s behaviors, etc. it is only because I have now or did have those same qualities or defects of character within me that I am not accepting and honoring in myself. To honor my shadow is a wonderful act of courage! Either way….that person comes to teach me more about myself, and I can either thank them in my head or I can find them objectionable.

The unresolved grief I witness in my travels and in my community life show me there is a prevalence in our society of it. In my short 66 years of living I have come to believe that I can either acknowledge my own grief when it comes up in the present moment or I can attempt to practice the illusion of controlling it, stuffing it as deeply within my body as possible . Sooner or later it will come up in a few ways: one is I will pay the consequences of unresolved grief in the creation of physical and/or emotional sickness within my body and spirit ; Two I will vent and act out hurting people I trust and those I do not trust because I am in pain; or three, I will be uncomfortable in my own skin and will ultimately have given up my choice to be at peaceful freedom.

Fortunately, I have FINALLY become willing to develop a daily practice in which I look at my day with as much fine tooth combing as I possibly can before I enter my dreamtime. Secondly I have FINALLY become willing to get real by becoming vulnerable with myself and with all meaningful relationships acknowledging my feelings and actions as they each emerge. Knowing I do not do this perfectly , but knowing I do carry the daily intention to surrender my old ways of thinking and doing, I believe I have a clearer sense on how to co-exist with my own grief on so many levels.

Losses of all types will continue in our worlds and grief will continue to emerge in a spiral on its own terms . Our opportunity is to work with both aspects and co exist by becoming more vulnerable regardless of any fears that live within. I have hope that this old world and its inhabitants has a BIG chance to heal. I walk my journey with that belief.


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The Gifts In The Awareness of Duality

I have spent the past month traveling by car from the East Coast of the USA to the desert  lands I love in the Southwest. When I go to certain sacred places in New Mexico I connect with the spirits of the land and waters and enter a high vibrational state of being. I hike alone and sit in nature. Doing this yearly solo retreat empowers me to leave the world as I know it behind, and feeds my soul completely. Going into a meditative alignment with nature is crucial for me, and I wish all people would make the intention to enter a similar sacred journey. Our elder ancestors knew the power of vision quests, being alone in the elements. We have forgotten so much in the name of progress. 

For me, however, going to a high vibrational spiritual center that I enter is so completely opposite from the busy , chaotic world that we each live in. It always takes me a while to integrate back into my home environment. I have a feeling of sadness and emptiness for the first few days of my return. I think this feeling comes from my soul remembering its true nature when I am not distracted by the chaotic world that our planet has become. 

Once I feel grounded and balanced again I am fed new inspirations from the places I have visited. I think spiritual awakenings are like this or at least in my experiences they are! 

Recently a wise friend was discussing with me the duality nature that human beings live out of. She suggested bringing the magical transformative Power of where I have been into the geographic location of where I live. I actually had never considered this possibility for like most of you, I live a majority of my existence in duality , separating myself from the spiritual world in the realm I reside within on a daily basis. 

As I have begun integrating the high vibrational spiritual feelings and experiences with my home base environment I have felt more at ease. I am starting to feel my heart smiling into my soul as I continue in the moment making the intention to not be in two places at once, but to actually live in the high vibrational environment as I stay present in my neighborhood where I reside! 

Learning to listen to the space between our heartbeats as we incorporate the teachings of nature and the planet could be as important and crucial as slowing down to connect with each breath we take! That being said, I think I will start adding those two active disciplines into my daily life. 

Making the intention to first accept my positive side with  my dark shadowy side then adding new disciplines I find that really work not only help me to be an improved version of myself but also may mirror back to the reflection of each of you that I see. Making these soul connections equally with my brothers and sisters who co-create this world with me just seems the right thing to do!

Carry on, my readers as we continue to re-discover the magical elements of this thing we call our life! 

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