The Energy of Relationships

Reality is stranger than what your mind has convinced you to believe. It is even stranger than what the majority of our population has bought into. The truth and fact of quantum physics is just this: EVERYTHING is energy and energy is everything!
If more people truly understood that everything is energy, and that all humans carry at all times an individual, unique vibrational code, by becoming aware of your own vibrations and assessing your codes, a whole new world would open to each of us. We could create an individually designed life program that would bring us each more peace of mind, more happiness, more kindness, more loving relationships and situations, and the collective vision for a better world would manifest quickly for all of us!
Through Quantum Physics ,Science shows us the Universe is composed of continuous flowing energy. Energy is everywhere–in human bodies, in plants, trees, and animals, in the homes we reside, in all things. Energy is never destroyed but the vibrational code with the energetic component of each thing can change from low to high or high to low vibrations.
In regards to human relationships we are magnets to the vibrational frequencies that resonate within ourselves. Like attracts like. Relationships we have with bosses, co-workers, romantic partners, friendships, neighborhoods, etc. are created based on our seemingly invisible vibrational codes. We only thought we were attracted in all relationships because of other reasons! When we attract a particular person or situation to us, it is in reality the energy attracting similar, familiar, and resonant vibrational energies. ! When a relationship in any form no longer energetically resonates within a person a terminating ending begins because the vibrational frequency that originally created the attraction has changed!! You might say or hear another say to you: “You have changed.” This is only partially true as it is the vibrational frequency that has changed from a lower vibration to a higher vibration or in the opposite direction.
Have you ever noticed you or another keep repeatedly attracting the same relationship /situation with a different face? We may think a person would be repelled and quickly run instead of entering any relationship of romance, job, friendship, social networking, religious organization, etc. with characteristics of chaotic, destructive patterns that resemble past experiences such as family of origin or prior situations (i.e. emotional abuse, codependency, physical or mental abuse, manipulative behaviors , addictions, or abandonment) . However, because our invisible vibrations are pinging out energy transmissions constantly we will attract the very same relationships we thought we had walked away from years ago. A good example of this is when a person states : My boss is just like my Mother ; My partner acts like my dysfunctional Uncle, etc.
Our vibrational energetic transmissions are really a conglomerate collection of conscious and unconscious beliefs, suppressed emotions and thoughts, and experienced memories of our past that in our present are a cobweb of negative bundled manifestations . Science has proven that many of us are living out of a repeated movie of automatic responses and reactions that we replay stemming from our subconscious mind because we are not operating in the here and now. Knowing this truth demonstrates why those who experienced living in emotional, mental, or other disempowering situations continue to unconsciously attract repeated abusive-destructive situations with familiar actors on the stage of life!
As gloomy as this sounds….WAIT…there is hope! We cannot destroy our past as if it never happened but we can change our vibrational energy frequencies . When we do raise our vibrational frequencies, we will begin attracting different experiences, different types of people, and empowering situations into our life. We will most likely also see old situations and relationships falling by the wayside not because we or they are doing anything wrong, but because the original energy between us is no longer resonating in the same way as it did when we entered the relationship!
How do we raise our vibrations? Here are some ideas:
-State daily aloud 5 things you are grateful for currently in your life. (If you cannot be grateful for what you now have, how can you be grateful for more?)
-Forgive yourself and others ( Remember you and they only acted out of the low energetic vibrations that were present at the time of the experienced creation of events)
– Change your diet to one of clean, nutritious foods and beverages. (What we put into our body either weighs us down or builds us up)
-Burn your energy in a healthy way (Walk, run, swim, do yoga, do Tai Chi or Chi Gong, workout at a gym regularly: Move that body!)
-Work with a Personal Energetic or Spiritual Coach who can help you re-program negative beliefs and self talk that has kept your low vibrations active and stuck for years.
-See a Reiki Master , Sound Healer, or other Alternative Practitioner . (Reiki and other modalities can help to break up low vibrational blocks and assist in raising your vibrational frequencies)

Doing our own inner healing work, purifying and changing subconscious relationship patterns directly and indirectly digested from people/situations/environments, cleansing and transforming layers of unexpressed and unfelt emotions from your auric energy field will empower you to transmit your authentic vibrational signals. As a result, your true energetic tribe will be able to connect and find you at long last. Once we begin choosing to consciously raise our vibrations we will stand together with others doing the same, and we will hold our vision for a peaceful, loving world.

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