Changing Relationships

“Don’t say the relationship is over. Say it is complete. Some relationships are not meant to last forever.” (The Life Coach School)

      There are multiple reasons relationships change. One person moves…another gets busy with added life responsibilities….someone miscommunicates or misperceives what they thought another said….a boundary is crossed one too many times…one person reacts and cannot get past the hurt…..or it is simply a completion and time to move on!

Change  Is An Opportunity To Grow
Reflecting on friendship relationships, I can think of three people who come and go out of my life. At times we have chosen to talk daily or at least weekly. Then suddenly each of these three  people disappear without explanation. I could analyze why, take their inventory, or simply let it go. I have allowed them to come/go in and out of my life more than a few times.
     I am not sure if it is because I am an aloof Aquarian, or if I had no expectations of any of these people, or if I simply am willing to live in the present with or without them. Each time they seem to drop off the face of my existing life, I notice it but do not really dwell on it. I somehow have learned to let go of any attachment I may have had with them. They appear , when present, to support me and I seem to accept that at the times when they are present they actually do care about me. When they choose to vacate I do not have emotions attached to their decision to do so! It is such a freedom, and I am grateful that these three people offer me the option to enter yet another rung of my ladder of opportunities to grow.
     The most wondrous aspect of these opportunities is that I am afforded the information to see where I have come from. The old me had issues with fear of abandonment, thinking if someone left, it was something I did to cause it. Now I am consciously aware that when a relationship changes, it is for the best, and only a part of the ebb and flow of my life. The gift of being able to let go with grace makes my heart sing!
  Reflecting on how my inner transformations and changes continue, even at those times when the Little Fear Girl that does still live within me questions if I am on the right Path, I know I owe the solutions I have today come from my Spiritual Practices  of nurturing  myself with Reiki,,grounding in Nature,  my personal connection with my Creator, and my openness to welcoming new and old methods of incorporating modalities of mind-body-spirit. I assure you I, as you, am a work in progress……and there is no doubt the best is yet to come!!!!
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