The Legacy I Want To Leave Behind

“We all die. The goal is not to live forever. The goal is to leave something that will.” (Chuck Palahniuk, Journalist)
I have been reflecting lately on my attitudes and actions I show those whose pathways cross mine, and asking myself what is it that is important to me to leave behind and what I would like to be remembered for.

I invite you to join me as we continue on our respective journeys toward authenticity this week as we each reflect upon who we really are, what we are showing the world , and how do we want to be remembered. Because I believe actions speak louder than words, I am choosing to look upon my life, and the effect I have and want to have upon others in my little world. If you were to leave this world tonight, what is the legacy you would leave behind based upon your life thus far; and, is this the legacy you are proud of?

How I will be remembered will be determined by how I co-exist in the world, and by how I treat others. To determine how I am doing in this endeavor, I came up with 5 questions I am asking myself.
1. Do I practice love and compassion with friends, family, as well as strangers?
2. Do I allow myself to be vulnerable, allowing the real me to be seen in those relationships I tell myself are meaningful to me?
3. Do I put service to humankind first and before a need to brag about my accomplishments and wisdom, to be a name or place dropper or to glorify my “great deeds” ? For me I voice that service first is a priority, so it is crucial I assess if that is what I am actually attempting to do!
4. Do I give time and energy to familiar people as well as unfamiliar ones by reaching out to help another with no desire or egoic need to be recognized for my giving ? In other words, if someone needs 5-20 minutes of my time, am I willing to give up a priority I have in my busy day to reach out to another without needing a pat on my proverbial back for doing so?
5. Do I really listen to what others are saying and not interrupt to offer advice or suggestions that is not asked for? Do I stop my brain from judging what the person is saying, and only listen to their feelings and opinions?
By getting gut level honest in looking at what I want to be remembered for, and checking in with myself to see if I am acting out of my truth and authenticity, I can choose to continue life as I have been living it …or I can choose to alter my day to day actions, and try to improve on a daily basis just a wee bit.

Does your current life measure up to the legacy you wish to leave behind or does it, as I have discovered in myself….need tweaking and some setting of new daily intentions to be more of the best “ME” I can be?

Walking Beside You On The Journey,

Written by Heart Vibrations Healing/Jennye Johnson 10-7-2016

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